Post-Normal Sound Mapping

Project Description

A sonic exploration of future spaces in Vienna with Radio ORANGE 94.0

We are looking for 7 audio contributions dealing with the different locations of the WIENWOCHE: 
Call for proposals - submissions until 31 May!
Submission Form

To participate:

Send your proposal and information from the following form in writing or as an audio or video file to The call is open exclusively to Radio Orange radio hosts, but you are welcome to include non-Radio Orange hosts in collective works.

Deadline for submissions: May 31st, 2021

Participation will consist of:

  • Introductory meeting (July 5th - tbc)
  • 3-day workshop (July 30th - 1st August)
  • Feedback session at the end of August
  • Production of an audio piece until August 30th

Audio productions can be 15 to 60 minutes or a series of shorter pieces. The works can be in any language.

A stipend of 500 EUR per production project will be offered to the selected participants.


„Post-Normal Soundmapping“ will explore the WIENWOCHE Festival between 10 and 19 September 2021. 

A group of radio hosts and sound artists will search for spaces in Vienna which allow for a glimpse into a post-normal future. Spaces in which people are working on "new normals" and futures not longing for the reconstruction of the past. Where communities develop survival strategies or create change leading to a more just society in 2121. Post-Normal Sound Mapping digs into the sound of the future.

Together the sound portraits will add up to a sonic map of the future grounded in the city. The soundscapes will be aired in the ORANGE 94.0 programme during the WIENWOCHE.

In the course of a workshop the involved radio hosts will develop methods of storytelling, of collective speculation and how social change can be shaped and experienced on an acoustic level.

Project coordination: Heather Marina Saenz, Fiona Steinert

In cooperation with the Unleashing Fantasy Collective. The UFC feeds SF-utopias and speculative methods into transformative discourses.

Foto: Karl Schönswetter, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

The project is funded by WIENWOCHE.

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