Post-Normal Sound Mapping

Project Description

A sonic exploration of future spaces in Vienna with Radio ORANGE 94.0

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„Post-Normal Soundmapping“ explored the WIENWOCHE Festival between 10 and 19 September 2021. 

A group of radio hosts and sound artists searched for spaces in Vienna which allow for a glimpse into a post-normal future. Spaces in which people are working on "new normals" and futures not longing for the reconstruction of the past. Where communities develop survival strategies or create change leading to a more just society in 2121. Post-Normal Sound Mapping digs into the sound of the future.

Together the sound portraits add up to a sonic map of the future grounded in the city. The soundscapes have been aired in the ORANGE 94.0 programme during the WIENWOCHE.

In the course of a workshop the involved radio hosts developped methods of storytelling, of collective speculation and how social change can be shaped and experienced on an acoustic level.

Project coordination: Heather Marina Saenz, Fiona Steinert


Christoph Benkeser, Veza Czyn, Julia Grillmayr, Bernhard Hammer, Kerstin Hruza, Jasemin Khaleli, Flávia Mudesto, Johann Redl, Sophia Leona Rut, Heather Marina Saenz, Karl Schönswetter, Benjamin Stolz, Fiona Steinert

Facilitators SOUND/FUTURE/CITY Exploration Workshop:
Jana Gebauer, Eugen Pissarskoi - Unleashing Fantasy Collective
Stefan Nussbaumer
Heather Marina Saenz
Fiona Steinert

In cooperation with the Unleashing Fantasy Collective. The UFC feeds SF-utopias and speculative methods into transformative discourses.

Foto: Karl Schönswetter, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

The project is part of WIENWOCHE.

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Funded by: Stadt Wien Kultur