ORANGE 94.0 is a community radio station, its program consists of broadcasts in 25 languages and a varied music program.
All editors work on a voluntary basis and adress a wide variety of subjects, like issues of the civil society. Community radio takes a stand for equal opportunities and open-minded society and turns against all forms of discrimination and social exclusion. ORANGE 94.0 cares for transparency with the allocation of airtime and the use of the radio infrastructure. Besides airtime, studios and technical support, ORANGE 94.0 also offers workshops and training. Activists and various initiatives are free to broadcast during special program slots while the 150 editorial teams get steady regular slots. Further information can be downloaded here.

Mission Statement


Radio UKW: 94.0 Mhz in Wien
UPC Slot: 872
Im Internet ist ORANGE 94.0 via Live Stream weltweit zu hören. Probiere auch unsere o94 Radio-App. Dort ist ORANGE 94.0 auch als Radio on Demand verfügbar.