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connex : context


sample schwebe in connex : context
soundart pieces based on text- and soundsamples

Jörg Zemmler - text, recitation, voice, tape-feed, live-electronic manipulations, straight feedbacks

Michael Fischer - ad hoc soundscaping on 3 cd-players, paino

performed and recorded October 19th, 2019 at Im Spitzer, 1020 Wien

recordings in the mix:
M.F. - zug Irvine
M.F. - glockenspiel
Stefan Nussbaumer - in the noise of the night and the still of the day
M.F. - meer
M.F. - O94.0 noise 3.1
M.F. - Beirut
M.F. - salz metall
M.F. - wind
Janek Schaefer - untiteled (Gesang der Jünglinge)
Radical Chao Opera - dve két
M.F. - pieces for feedback-violin ping
M.F. - pieces for amplified zither z
M.F. - pieces for large chinese cymbal and two players
M.F. - O94.0 noise 1
Thomas Wagensommerer - dearfish testdreamer
M.F. - Lobau
M.F. - pieces for amplified zither and hard attack
M.F. - Rolltreppe
M.F. - strange aid beat
GOD - anatomy of addiction
Nikolaus Gerszewski - ordinary music No. 3
Vergil Sharkya' - hypercompositions Vol. 1
M.F. - O94.0 song by Herbert and Marion
Yasunao Tone - solo for wounded CD
M.F. - O94.0 noise 3.2
M.F. - pieces for feedback-violin rhythm
M.F. - Roma

connex:context - live and radio-art series since 2005
in cooperation with poets in experimental poetry
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