A trans-European on-air music magazine in the context of “Music Moves Europe”.

RadioMuse is a project that aims to support independent local music scenes and increase their visibility.

Together with Radio Študent (Ljubljana), Radio Student (Zagreb) and Radio Campus (a network of French Student Radios), Radio ORANGE 94.0 is creating a musical exchange across borders. As part of RadioMuse we are one of ten projects working on musical exchange and transnational networks in the context of the “Music Moves Europe” call.

Over the course of one year, on-air music magazines are being produced in rotation by one of the four partners. Music journalists are presenting local music scenes. In total, there will be 24 broadcasts produced by March 2020, all of which will be hosted in English. These shows will be broadcast at all participating stations. Therefore, the broadcasts will be on-air at several radio stations.

Parallel to the shows there will be a weekly Feature Song on heavy rotation at all participating stations, helping artists as well as music journalists to benefit from a broader reach.

At the same time, the project addresses current conditions in the contemporary music market as well as in Community Radios. Questions about commercialisation, copyright, exploitation rights, netpolitics, and networks are crucial in the exchange between participating radio stations and producers.

The aim of  RadioMuse is also to endorse the importance of human selection  standing behind the music presented at the radio (as opposed to computer generated music suggestions on digital platforms), the role of urban/alternative radio stations and the role of independent radio to promote new music and support rising artists in gaining new audiences.

Through networking and discussion we want to secure increased outreach and work together towards a strengthened independent music and radio production industry!

You can listen to RadioMuse every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 11am on Radio ORANGE 94.0: UKW 94.0/Vienna, Livestream (worldwide).

All broadcasts will be uploaded to the Cultural Broadcasting Archive of the Austrian Community Radios.

For the broadcast website and all important dates click here.

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Project manager: Rosa Danner

Jingle & Sounds: Radio Študent

Co-funded by: European Commission, Program: Music Moves Europe


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