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massive puritans

massive attack, these new puritans, scout niblett, bill callahan...

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

the dead weather: i cut like a buffalo
portishead: chase the tear: http://www.7digital.com/portisheadamnesty
massive attack (ft. damon albarn): saturday come slow
scout niblett: just do it
these new puritans: time xone
these new puritans: we want war
massive attack (ft. martina topley bird): babel
bill callahan: too many birds
bill callahan: all thoughts are prey to some beast
joanna newsom: cosmia
scout niblett: the calcination of scout niblett
these new puritans: drum corts-where corals lie
massive attack: pray for rain
pete yorn & scarlett johansson: someday
scarlett johansson (ft. david bowie): falling down
bill callahan: jim cain
massive attack (ft. martina topley bird): psyche
massive attack: flat of the blade
massive attack (ft. hope sandoval): paradise circus