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RADIA # 224: Maarten Lauwaert and Joris Van Damme

Ein Beitrag für und von XL Air, Brüssel.

Maarten Lauwaert and Joris Van Damme both graduated last June from RITS Brussels, an audiovisual arts college, with distinction in the area of 'radio'. For their Masterclass Audio, they went to Poland, to the last primeval forest in Europe, the Bialowieza Forest. In short, a forest where there was no human influence in the last 4000 years; the last place in Europe where you can see real prestine and untouched nature! They interviewed locals, forest preservation workers, scientists,... At first they made a radiodocumentary with the material they recorded, but they also made a more subjective and abstract audio piece with it. The piece is called 'The Forester And Me' with the subtitle 'Burning Ice'...