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Sendung vom 30.04.2009 15:00:

RADIA 199 von free109point3 /Anna Friz - Domestic Radiation

(Radia 213 muss wegen Urheberrechtsfragen entfallen) Our Domestic Radiation (2009) Anna Friz contributes the 199th show for the Radia network.

A composition made from the imagined and actual intercepted fields of electro-magnetic and acoustic signals in and around my apartment in Toronto, Canada. This piece seeks to express some of the wireless action surging daily on site. I am particularly interested in the relative flatness and depth perceivable in both acoustic and Hertzian space, and in the diminishing horizon in the city as a result of urban design and an exponential increase in wireless infrastructure (or electro-magnetic clutter). Additional filters include mason jars, theremin, ring modulator, staged interference, and delay. This show is best enjoyed on headphones, for those listening online.