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radia #210: The Container Project

Eine Sendung von XL Air, Brüssel

The Container project

The Brussels Universities ULB and VUB are occupied by hundreds of sans papiers who demand a regulation of their situation. Since the end of January most of them are on a hunger strike. On wednesdsay 18 March, the sad anniversary of a coalition agreement that never became practice, art students together with Brussels actors, musicians and writers organised an event on the Place de la Monnaie: the Belgian state originated there, the sans papiers had learned the national anthem in the three offical languages. A blue container was placed in front of the opera house and during that whole day the container was a podium, a concert hall, a monument and a radio station.

Produced by Martine Ketelbuters and Jan Bulckaen, with the voices of the Sans Papiers, Thomas Bellinck, Willy Thomas, Benjamin Verdonck, Thomas Devos and Brussels musicians.

More info at: http://www.containerplatform.be/