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Radia # 182 from Radio Panik by Vincent Matyn-Wallecan

Rumors of the green room staircase: a musical ready-made.

There is a house in Schaerbeek, Brussels. There was the possibility to
produce a sound install. In the house is a grand piano. I recorded each
single note of the piano, each note separately, holding my finger on the
key until the note truly died. Stereo microphones were placed inside the
body of the grand piano, and as the notes died out they captured also the
growing sounds all around: city life, people working upstairs and myself
moving around.
Each note and its subsequent sound environnement became a file, each
note/file was distributed along six tracks,and so their order was decided
by this limitation and the particular lenght of each note. The composition
was made by itself, some kind of musical ready made. There are no effects,
the only manipulations made are the removal of the attack of each note,
and some reorganisation of the distribution of the notes.
The composition is at times blissfull and at other times it's gloomy, but
I didn't decide that.