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radia #177: Air / Water / Fire + Mechanical Water

contributed by Aymeric de Tapol for Radio Campus, Brussels

1 AIR / WATER / FIRE, 2006/2008, 18 min

The first piece is a mix of different field recordings made with different microphones in different places between 2006 and 2008, like on the top of the church of Strasbourg, inside the corner of a house on the Atlantic french west coast, in the Vosges mountains (France), under the ceiling in Toulouse, in a book shop in Dashanzi (Beijing, China), and outside in Germany.

2 MECHANICAL WATER, 2008,10 min

The second piece is a field recording in front of the Brooklyn Museum in New York City, there is no cut.

Author: Aymeric de Tapol
Mastering by Frederic Alstadt at Angström Mastering / Brussels