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Radia # 150 ___ Giza e ruh

a music-/soundethnological project by kutin peter, lercher daniel & wilding barbara

the 3 artists travelled through various places of northern india for 3 months, doing field-recordings and were always seeking for native musicians. Alltogether they recorded around 70 hours of different material .
these recordings include religious music / ceremonies by buddhist, muslim, hindu and sikh culture
traditional music & instruments from tibet, ladakh & northern india
soundscapes of the natural enviromnment and it´s animals, or the massive collage of noises from india´s capital delhi, the silence that can be found in the himalayan mountain ranges, children singing, people praying, shouting, laughing, screaming, orakels healing or telling the future
sounds and instruments used by normads that travell through the vast deserts up in the himalayan mountains, and so much more...
the following radio play, which was created for radia, focuses on music & sounds that can be found in hinuduistic and buddhistic culture. So, while the first part consits only of
hindu-sounds & music , the second part is strictly buddhistic .
on the artist´s homepage www.dirac.cc you can find more information about “giza é ruh” and even download a pdf – file which includes detailed information about the sounds appearing in the following radio-play.

About the artists:
Kutin Peter & Daniel Lercher both studied electroacoustics at the Univ. for interpretative arts & music in vienna and also did studies on ethnomusicology ; Kutin also has been educated as audioengineer as well; both are now living as freelance musicians in vienna.
they founded the experimental-music ensemble “dirac” and are running the non-profit organisation “v´elak” which organises the concert series “v´elak-gala”.
their work in fields of music (cd releases), sound design, live-electronics, radioplays, sound-installation, soundscapestudies & new media arts.
Barbara Wilding studies at the academie for fine arts in vienna and philosophie at the University in vienna;
She travelled to india before, doing studies on hindu-philosophy dating back to the vedic-ages.
As an artist she works in fields of animations , painting & photography.


Giza é ruh : http://www.dirac-music.com/giza

V´elak :

Daniel Lercher : http://lercher.klingt.org

Kutin Peter : http://www.dirac-music.com/kutin/kutin_kutin.html