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Radia #133: Share.TAZ paradocument

from Lemurie, Prague - document collage about Share.dj

Share TAZ is a Czech part of the project SHARE.DJ and this radio show is a paradocument about it and was recorded during the share-workshop at the ULTRAHANG festival Budapest.

The Share Taz show is a series of sound recordings and sound notes which the Lemurie team gathered during the Share Workshop in Budapest in March 2007... this show does not intend to be a document nor it tries to be informative - it is only an attempt to grasp the feeling into a short-time piece.

Share Taz is an open stage for live audio and video performance. Idea of Share comes from NY-based audio performers Barry Manalog, Geoff Matters, Daniel Smith. Idea of Share is simple: come and play. No matter you use laptop, guitar, sampler, or broken radio. Place for Share party is open for anyone, who wants to be there and share music, sound, videos, images, noises or waveforms. No limitations, Share is an environment open for anybody who comes and wants to share. (http://share.dj)