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radia#113 by radio grenouille

This program is composed of 2 pieces : R(H)umeur collective, 2nd part (Maki’s contributive project) and Relax! (we are a democracy) by Floriane Pochon and Etienne Noiseau.

R(H)umeur collective is based on a call for participation which Maki opened to artists and friends around the world, asking 1 minute audio pieces he then mixed all together.

Relax! (we are a democracy) is a piece by Floriane Pochon and Etienne Noiseau, composed with joy, drowsiness, disgust and worry.


Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

The first part of R(h)umeur collective was broadcast on the Radia network on March 2007. The 2nd one is composed of contributions from :

- Krafia (France) - Choose
- Ben Owen (USA) - Ans-mac 1999e
- Iris Garrelfs (England) - Guide
- David Fenech (France) - Melodica Paste
- Dinahbird (France) - Pigcrescendo
- Lucie Prod'homme (France) - Rouge
- Erik M. (France) - Blécut
- Stéphane Possamai (France) - RioTorto
- Pauline Oliveros (USA) - Maki's Minute
- Étienne Noiseau (France) - Chatouilles
- Andrew Sharpley (England) - Grapefruit
- Samuel Lartisien (France) - Cordida2
- David Gamper (USA) - Silver Bell
- Sarah Washington (England) - New Year Wind
- Mathieu Hours (France) - Waiting in NYC opus 12
- Soël Lymphini (France) - Jeu en Cage, d'escalier
- Tomonari Higaki (Japan) - Impro caoutchouteuse
- Ricardo Reis (Portugal) - Viagem de elevador
- Zol (France) - Stonn
- Collectif TRI (France) - Robots
- Francis Dhomont (France) - L'électro (Jalons - IMED 0365)
- Noël Akchoté (France) - Untitled wrong folk - Take #5
- Maki (France) - Untitled


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