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radia # 83 assembly line story/// radia DA kein plan

radia # 83 Radio Zero stellt die Frage: What kind of space is build by mixed references and what story can be build with them? /// radia DA kein plan auf gottes erden

This lie that I bring you is a deception on senses. Like hidden small children hitting keys on a loose keyboard behind a curtain in front of an intelectual assistance. Well, what kind of "great art" do they perceive? Another way to put it is to go to a party and jump around conversations. Call it collage, call it pastiche but also composing and directing. It's all about this: cut this bit here and join it there and present it through this very small door opening. What does it mean? The answer is, off course, between each pair of ears.
radia DA kein plan auf gottes erden. geht der allgemeinen planlosigkeit, die sich auch in diesem programm widerspiegelt nach.