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Sendung vom 21.09.2006 15:00:

pluto song radia #77/ and music/ and Tobias will Meer werden

Pluto Song, ein Stück vom Prager Sender lemurie und Tobias will Meer werden von Urike Eder

radio Lemurie present for radia.fm

Shortcut from periodocal live radio sessions of radio Lemurie T.A.Z.

First part of this programme (15 minutes) is dedicated to change of the status of the planet (ex_planet) Pluto. With a tiny intention to be serius we are discussing fictional facts that are surrounding Pluto (planet or not).

Dann: Deux heures de musique non-stop, issues des programmes des festivals belges de l'été

Tobias will Meer werden (1998) von Ulrike Eder