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Sendung vom 03.08.2006 15:00:

RADIA#70 von tilos radio (budapest) / radia DA: transakustik

RADIA: DJ Sztyepp - Miraculous Mandarin. some Hungarian or Chinese for you

RADIA#70: The Hungarian DJ of the Chinese language show at Radio Tilos, DJ Sztyepp - or you can call him Pampa as he says in the introduction - compiled a set of chinese hip hop for the European Radia network.

radia DA:
forschungsberichte aus dem institut fuer transakustische forschung



Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

radia DA:
leeks (gemueseorchester)
coffee (iftaf)
stille post_1 (meinharter)
neonz (gansterer)
noia (iftaf)
n2 on the water (iftaf)