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Sendung vom 23.03.2006 15:00:

radia 51: by Radio Campus ///// radia da: RadioWORM

RADIA: piece by Anton Aeki for the Radia series ///// RADIA DA: RadioWORM 63

More about Anton Aeki at http://aeki.be

WORM has many varying outputs. One of them is RadioWORM.
RadioWORM is a monthly audio magazine for electronic music and a platform for experimental sound art. RadioWORM's purpose is not only to give airplay to music which you'd be unlikely to find scanning the regular FM frequencies, but also to offer possibilities for a continuum of artistic production over an extended period of time and/or a thematic exposure of an artist' work. Sound artists from diverse backgrounds are brought together into a continuous series, with each month a new one hour edition being realised.