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Sendung vom 02.03.2006 15:00:

radia 48: hunger/ radia da: zone M

radia 48 (hunger) produced by sarah washington (resonance fm, london) ///// radia da: zone M - something unknown, enigmatic. a concert series in raum35

This show is the end result of a process that entailed thinking a lot about hunger. It is a constructed audio collision, on the one hand an improvised concert by the Tape Beatles and Tonic Train, on the other a distracted voice, distilled from a roll call of world famines. Includes Radia jingle at beginning and end, plus intro and outro. Produced by Sarah Washington

radia da:

ist eine veranstaltungsreihe im raum35 für experimentelle musik mit intermedialen und performativen elementen und findet im märz 06 jeden montag um 19 uhr im raum35 statt. (theresianumgasse35, 1040 wien)

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

the visible unknown world of "z.b.: ..." (zipping)
tonic train
eh (stangl, roisz, dieb13)
sergej mohntau (palindromsong oida radio)
arno splinks, elffriede, bvk (buerostunde)
alexander wallner, jan machacek (feather by feather)