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Interplays – Episode 2

Art4Science - Folge 5

The Art4Science-trio Eleni, Heinrich and Bela continue their conversation stroll together with the radio team in order to find the „story“, the „narrative“. The imagination of a blackbox or a labyrinth could be one of the sceneries where cancer cells would desiminate and metastasize. Is it a quiet microscopic world where that happens or are there sounds – like flowing water, trafic noises or even music? The team talks about the creation of an artistic language for processes caused by cancer cells. A transition of those processes into different enviroments would open new perspectives, and later on, when they are brought back to reality, we may learn something by this. For example, the quare root of „-1“ doesn’t exist, but it’s possible to find a irrational number (called „i“) for it and by those irrational projections more calculations are possible and more riddles can by solved in a real world context. So, all starts with speculations, that leads to hypotheses and, at last, to research. It’s important to find the right balance in speculative thinking. But finnaly, scientific information should be evidence-based. – For listening to the first episode of ‚Interplays‘, klick here.

Eleni Tomazou and Heinrich Kovar are scientists at the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute (CCRI), Bela Borsodi is a photographer and artist in New York and Vienna. The project Art4Science enables the scientists of St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute to develop a specific method of collaboration, by working with artists of different fields. In order to present scientific processes and research works in an innovative way, the artists will create music pieces, visual works of art and fashion collections as well. To provide the public with first-hand information, the meetings will be documented in radio shows and podcast recordings.

The broadcasting was recorded and produced by Evelyn Blumenau and Walter Kreuz.



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