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Interplays - Episode 1

Art4Science - Folge 4

Welcome to the conversation stroll with the Art4Science-trio Eleni, Heinrich and Bela. How to describe a liquid biopsy process in pedriatic cancer research - and how to explain it to the public? The 'role of communication' makes up the main part of the recordings in the first episode of the broadcast. A talk about cancer will never be performed without emotion, but art can open a special way to get new perspectives in looking at cancer cells and processes - e.g. by building new environments, by using metaphors or, generally, by 'thinking out of the box'. The artistic view widens scientific fields and helps to reflect the research the specialists are working on. - The second episode of 'Interplays' will be broadcasted on MON, 3rd of May, 2021.

Eleni Tomazou and Heinrich Kovar are scientists at the St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute (CCRI), Bela Borsodi is a photographer and artist in New York and Vienna.

The broadcasting was recorded and produced by Evelyn Blumenau and Walter Kreuz.



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