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Sendung vom 01.06.2005 15:00:

Holy Babble – Glossolalia from the New Berlin

by Heinrich Dubel (DJ Officer, Officer) and Paul “Paulator” Paulun

The works of Dubel and Paulun on myths and mutations in popular cultural and musical history – for example James Dean (his death and his Porsche) and Michael Jackson (as demon-engine of pedophilia) – have earned them a strong audience in the Berlin radio community.

In “Holy Babble” the psychodaemonic lingo of mythology is extracted from the Bible’s Revelations, various song-texts and the abyssmal imaginations of the authors, and injected into a stream-of-consciosness-style set of electronica.

“Holy Babble” was produced at reboot.fm (Berlin/Germany, May 2005).

“The devil’s body is hard lyk yrn, his face is terrible.”