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Sendung vom 28.04.2005 15:00:

radia 04

von Wendy Van Wynsberghe, radio campus, Brüssel

This radio show is content-wise made with the material of Cuisine Interne Keuken, a project in which we (Constant vzw) ask precarious/cultural workers how they make a living. This project started because we were curious how other people - mostly without a fixed income - lived and if they have a certain strategy… So we started interviewing all the people, mostly artists, that we encountered.
In October last year Constant was invited to City of Women, a festival in Ljubjana, to work on Cuisine Interne Keuken and to interview people around and about the festival. Most voices that you hear in Radia 04 come from these recordings (savour the accents!).

For the “musicalization” I used field recordings (for example a supermarket in Ljubljana) and I played with bits and bobs of the interviews (laughter, certain words…) or new recordings (there is one moment I play with money! ha!).

In the beginning I “let” people introduce themselves, their names, then ages, and from then on it is more about their situation. In the middle of Radia 4, people start describing their workspace, which they drew. The linking sound of these bits of interview are actually the hums in my working space, especially for this project (I worked in the cellar, with the servers and de-humidifiers humming their songs - I got used to them! And with the street and ventilator working at my right ear…)
I have also used some sounds of the Freesound Project, a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.

Cuisine Interne Keuken
The Freesound Project

By the way: 1. Mai ist
Euro Mayday - ?? Prekär Arbeiten, Prekär Leben ??