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Sendung vom 27.11.2021 22:00:

Breaking Rules with The DJ Producer

Wiederholung vom September 2020

In this show you will learn about the relation between hiphop and hardcore; and about The DJ Producer, one of the pioneers of a style called UK hardcore.

This podcast will outline the role of hip-hop in hardcore techno. You will listen to the music & be guided by The DJ Producer (Luke McMillan), a pioneer of the hip-hop influenced side of the genre. He will talk about 30 years of experience in hardcore - permeated & spiced up through hip-hop elements & techniques. Techno & hip-hop crossed paths as some individuals started to use hip-hop samples & turntablism techniques in gabber & hardcore. This is due to the musical background of some producers & DJs who were socialized with hip-hop as teenagers. As a consequence, they integrated their musical knowledge & techniques into hardcore.
This even became a subgenre called UK hardcore with labels like Deathchant, Rebelscum, or Audio Damage who made this style popular.

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