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radia #865: Laments & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by Mara Genschel for Radio Helsinki

In 2008/2009 – I was in my late twenties but felt like in late puberty – I worked on a collection of fixed sound pieces that I would describe as precisely composed „field poems“. These LAMENTS (as a half-ironic reference to Monteverdis famous Lamento d’Arianna) are based on somewhat classical field recording material (daily life, urban soundscapes, noise) and on the other hand extremely private, spoken and often sobbed confessions I would nowadays assume to be evidence of a mental crisis combined with a devastating love story.

Technically these pieces are produced quite Low Tech – I would compare this way of cutting sound material with handwritten poems: drafted, crossed out, marked. Further, the evidence of time (13 years!) is very clear: sounds like „digital camera“, acoustic phone messages, UKW radio etc. must already seem historical, even nostalgic nowadays. I recorded most of it with a MINI DISC PLAYER and OKMs (Originalkopf-Mikrofon).

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