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radia # 850: Echantillons sonores + DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

two shows from Radio Papesse

radia # 850:
Echantillons sonores by Vittoria Assembri and Matilde Solbiati
We are already beaten by the summer heat here at Radio Papesse in Florence, that's why we'd love to escape to other landscapes and to linger on other soundscapes.

The Po river is the longest in Italy, flowing through most of northern Italy from west to east across the Padan Plain. And here we go, along the river, with Scivolare il Po a journey on board of a fishing boat, from Cremona to the delta and back.

We follow Vittoria Assembri and Matilde Solbiati and the mosaics of sounds they recorded: the river banks, the swirling of the water, the boats' motors, the conversations with the people of the Po whom they met: catfish fishermen, the lighthouse keeper, a former river racer...

Scivolare il Po brings our attention back to the river, as a geographical, social, human, real and imaginary space.

Scivolare il Po gives way to Linee di fuga - Echantillons sonores, a sound collage Vittoria Assembri assembled over 10 years of field recordings, collected between 2009 and 2019, across natural and urban landscapes in Italy, France, Germany and Japan: "new sound streams are born, variable lines like images blurring in running water".

Among the sound fragments, there are the loudspeakers of subway stations and airports in Tokyo, the sirens of Genoa's harbour, the buzzling voices in the izakayas in Hiroshima, the sounds of stamping in Tuscan post offices, the creaking of the iron bridges of Gare du Nord in Paris, the roaring eruptions of Stromboli's volcano, the vibrations of power grids in Berlin, a blocked elevator in a condo in San Salvario, Turin, the song of cicadas...

Linee di Fuga was produced in 2019 during a residency in Apricale, at Atelier A.
Editing: Beatrice Surano


Vittoria Assembri is a multifaceted artist, based in Paris and Venice. Her practice explores marginal territories: phonography is thus considered as a political act that makes visible what is absent in the official cartography. By sound mapping a territory, she makes the resonant landscape of everyday life audible and she uses field recording not only as a tool, but as a possibility to cross layers of everyday outcrops and as a method and device for investigating the transformations of territories and the cultural changes of the contemporary world.

Matilde Solbiati was born on January 27, 1986 in Milan. She has brown hair, brown eyes. Her dog's name is Lord. She loves wild and mountain flowers and reading. Most of the time she looks at pictures which she mostly cuts out or scans. The rest of the time Matilde collects things she comes across and thinks.

+++++++++++DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE +++++++++++++
radia # 278
Radio Zeit#2 by Pasquale Napolitano
Artwork Pasquale Napolitano
Programming Paolo Napolitano

Radio ZEIT is a sound composition which aims to use the radio spectrum as a mechanism of time exploration. The installation is programmed in MATLAB environment and programming language used for interactive and generative applications.
So, the composition has a soul linked to deeper interactive quotient variation in results depending on space and time of detection.

The mechanism of Radio ZEIT scans the entire FM radio compared by scaling each unit every 10 seconds and aggregates the results in 64 minutes of sound sequences.

The beta version presented at "Radioaktivität" - radio art meeting held in Naples in December 2009 - was produced by mapping the fm spectrum in the outer courtyard of the Pan Contemporary Art Center in Naples Sunday, December 12, 2009, from 18:00 to 19:04.

Taking the clue from that experience, here it is the second chapter of Radio ZEIT; after six months the mapping of the acoustic space took place in the same venue and at the same time. What has changed is the fm spectrum mapping time lapse: Radio Zeit#2 scales each unit of frequency every 5 seconds, gathering the results in a 28 minutes long sampled sound sequence.

This sound piece aims to build a soundscape through a repeatable practice within various territorial circumstances. We tried to depict/record a fresco sound of Naples; what emerges is a sort of local "agenda setting" of the medium, that reflect its multifaceted nature and comes out of a mix of both sports radio programs and neighborhood stations, both music of "neomelodici" and national mainstream.