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radia #846: Rouge-Ah & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by Urška Preis for Radio Študent

Rouge-ah is a pseudonym of a sound explorer, visual artist and music writress Urška Preis from Ljubljana.

She finished her MA studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana, but has also studied at the academies in Reykjavík and Leipzig and completed internships at Aitor Throup studio in London and Atelier Hotel Pro Forma in Copenhagen. She collaborated in various music groups and constellations and currently represents one half of II/III duo, while also working for Radio Študent and ARS – Radio Slovenia Third Channel.

Her work traverses a wide genre-spectrum of electro-acoustic composition. It includes field recordings, noise and drone ambient, along with a variety of digital and analogue processing of acoustic and electric harp, her trademark instrument.

In Radia Network we will listen to a segment of rouge-ah recent sound work, an excerpt of the live performance from April 2021 that was streamed from ŠKUC gallery, closed for visitors due to the pandemic restrictions.

You can listen to the whole piece here: https://m.facebook.com/skuc.association/videos/172413481416668/

Rouge-ah debut album: https://rouge-ah.bandcamp.com/



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