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radia # 842: Royal Raymond Rife And His Mortal Oscillatory Rates + ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by Radio Worm

This radiophonic piece is inspired by the work of Royal Raymond Rife (1888 – 1971). He was a scientist, engineer and inventor now considered ‘The Nikola Tesla of the Medical World’. In 1931 he built the Universal Microscope achieving optical magnifications of over 30,000 times. It enabled him to observe micro organisms and viruses in a living state.

Rife believed that if he could discover the vibrational frequencies at which disease-causing microorganisms vibrated, he then could bombard them with that frequency until they shook so hard they exploded.

By endless watching and trying out frequencies Rife claimed to have documented “Mortal Oscillatory Rates” for various pathogenic organisms and by sending out those rates with a ‘Beam Ray Device’ Rife cured significant numbers of people infected with a number of infections.

Incredible claims of success (including cure for cancer) and support by credible observers were institutionally avoided, minimized and obstructed so that–if there was indeed evidence to support them– would never see the light of day or any chance of acceptance by mainstream medicine. He remains one of the unsung heroes of the fringe science underground.

Original Rife radio freuquencies have been scalar converted into audible range. Two sets of Rife frequency sets will be broadcasted claiming to destroy Covid 19.

Other ‘healing sounds’ used in this work are; Solfeggio frequencies, the sound of the Multiple Wave Oscilator (Georges Lakhovsky), High Voltage Electro Therapy (Nicola Tesla), Binaural Beats (Heinrich Wilhelm Dove).

Made by Robert Kroos, www.duckfood.nl

Produced by Worm/Lukas Simonis



Show # 738: This is a mistake!
by Wiener Radia Kollektiv for Radio Orange 94.0

The word “Glitch” is everywhere those days. In movies and TV shows, in clubs and galeries, on billboards, in magazines and all around the social network. Most people see it as a Digital failure, at best as a nice effect or plot device. But it’s so much more: Some kind of natural accuring Digital art. A new dynamic in modern Electronic music. A way to breech the boundries of the (Computer) system. A crack in the Utopian facade and a way to exploid the unknown possibilities of imperfection.

Peter Wetzelsberger and Lale Rodgarkia-Dara of the Wiener Radia Kollektiv attempted a brief history of Glitch, including some examples:

The tracks "loneloft", "practice" and "Brunch mit Darwin" by Austrian glitch artist Wolfwetz.

Some alcohol induced Philosophic outbursts by Gregor Fröhlich, Dita Mukane and Stefan Nowak. (Examples of the brain as a corrupted system)

Lale Rodgarkia-Dara’s failed interview with the theorist and feminist art curator Jelena Petrovic about the Glitch and the Dichotomy between the Digital and Analogue, supplemented by two Music pieces based on recordings with the counter-tenor Marin Vitas and a fan.

The piece "Biomechanics" (raw data of Günther Witzany’s “Biocommunication and Natural Genome Editing”) and excerpts of "Meine Kleine Nachtmusik", generated by Lale’s broken Intercom system.


Jelena Petrovic