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history in dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

PARLIAMENT"Give Up The Funk(Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)"(GR)
FAD GADGET"Swallow It"(LP/Incontinent"/Mute)
THE GOOD LIFE LTD"I Got It"(Full Version/1980/White Wing)
SPARKS"Tryouts For The Human Race/Beat The Clock"(EP/VA/Remix/
DAVID CHRISTIE"Stress"(Special Maxi Version/1983)
THE FLIRTS"Danger"(12"/Long Version/1983)
All Night Long"(Jacques Renault)
PASSION"Dont Bring Back Memories"(LP/1979/Prelude)
BLUE RONDO A LA TURK"Changez"(Tolera&Mark Reilly/2014)
ORLANDO RIVA SOUND"Dance Machine"(12"/Long Version/1978)
CANDIDO"Jingo"(Dr Packer Rework)
PARADISE BIRDS"Ol Blue Eyed Man"(LP/1978)
QUANGO&SPARKY"Hot Hot Hot"(OST/"A Girls Best Friend"/1981)
THE MAXX FT. HIGH STREET"Revolution"(New Beat Version)
GRACE JONES"My Jamaican Guy"(LP/"Living My Life"/1982)
LAURA BRANIGAN"Gloria"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
FREDDY JAMES"oo7 Medley"(12"/Mixed By Claudio Porco And Gene Leone/1980/Unidisc)
FURY"Pain"(12"/Vocal Mix/1995/Murk)
LIME"Come And Get Your Love"(Ext. SF Disco Edit)
RITZ"Dance Until You Drop"(12"/Disco Remix By John Luongo/1979)
RAY ROIG"Brazil 3000"(LP/VA/"Salsa Greatest Hits Vol.1")
IV/AN"Repetitive Phase"(LP/"Comforts Of The Future"/2017/Tonn)
BETA EVERS"Dependency"
THE AWAY TEAM FT. GERIDEAU"Our Love"(12"/Lifeforce 2AM Mix/Azuli-Republic)
BONEY M"Felicidad"(Dr Mix Remix)
JOEY NEGRO"Love Will Make It Right"(2xLP/VA/"Warehouse Raves Vol.5"/Rumour)
DA!"Next To Nothing"(1982)
GRACE JONES"Warm Leatherette"(12"/1980)

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