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April 4

History in dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

JOHNNY MATHIS"Gone, Gone Gone"(12"/Discomix By John Luongo/1979/Red Vinyl)
HAYEDEH"Shabe Eshgh"(High Quality Audio)
FORREST"Feel The Need"(12"/Rhythm By Linn-Drum/Mixed By Ben Liebrand/1983)
CHANGE"Hold Tight"(Dj S Remix)
PATTI LA BELLE"The Right Kinda Lover"(12"/Club Mix By Darrin Frieman&Hex Hector/1994)
CHAKA KHAN"I Know You, I Love You"(I Like To Feel Edit)
PULSE FT. ANTOINETTE ROBERSON"Yum Yum"(12"/B.O.P. Harder Mix/1997/Jellybean)
DONNER SUMMER"Loves About To Change My Heart"(C&C Mix)
SISLEY FERRE"Give Me Your Love"(12"/Ultimix By Breadley D. Hinkle&Les Massengale/1987/Megatone)
BONNIE FOREMAN"I Want A Man"(12"/Long Version/O Records)
STRAGULA"Ja, Leute!"(MC/"Dr. Skurill"/1983)
LOCKSMITH"Someone Like You"(LP/"Unlock The Funk"/1980)
ROMY HAAG"Be My Loverman"
MANANA"Amor"(12"/Long Version/1981)
ANDREAS DORAU&DIE MARINAS"Fred Vom Jupiter"(Ext. Version)
MAJESTRY"The Barrel"(12"/Special Disco Version/1976/Jaguar)
ITALOVE"Lamour"(Flash Back Remix)
MANTUS"Fire"(LP/1980/F1 Team)
MY FAVOURITE TOYS"Life Of A Toy"(Favourite Mix/1985)
MADE IN U.S.A."I Dont Want To Live Without You"(LP/1977/DeLite)
MARY LOVE"Turn Me, Turn Me, Turn Me"(12"/Long Version/1979/T.K. Disco)
SAHA"Images(Get Up ..)"(Long Version/1985)
CAROLINE CRAWFORD"Coming On Strong"(LP/"My Name Is Caroline"/1978)
LOU REED"Walk On The WildSide"(Ext. Austeiger)
JEFFREY OSBORNE"Plane Love"(12"/Remixed By Larry Levan/1983/A&M)
VA"Studio 54"