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Sendung vom 24.03.2020 21:00:

Some Help For Our Friends [Bandcamp COVID-19 Edition]

Favorite songs to support artists during COVID-19

This episode of ZamZaman is an all Bandcamp set of music and routes from Argentina, Armenia by way of the SF Bay Area, Afghanistan by way of the NL/U.S. and much more. All works can be purchased by the bandcamp links below.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1. "I'm Every Sparkly Woman" - ana roxanne
2. "Hydrangea" - Morita Vargas
3. "Where Are You Now" - Awali
4. "divine light" - Lenta
5. "¿Por qué te vas?" - Fifteen Years Old
6. "Way to Metallostroy" - Lena Tsibizova
7. "absolute" - Tania Caroline Chen
8. "The Girl, Leopard and Trees" - Lara Sarkissian
9. "Dawaj" - Mala Herba
10. "Please Think (Club Mix)" - Yavaran
11. "Aftab Zadagi Signal Disintegration"- Naujawanan Baidar
12. "Death Chant 2" - Dino Spiluttini