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Sendung vom 09.06.2020 18:00:

Death and the Lady. Superscience Me #33

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Our friends from the band Tadzio - Shaina Kapeluck, Ross Lipton and Ben Schurr - have prepared a very special episode! Shaina talks with Ross about her research on the history of american and british folk song and balladry traditions. They introduce (and play!) ballads that tell stories about people who try to negotiate with the unnegotiable fate, songs that were written and sung at times of the black plague and other pandemics, dealing with contamination and isolation.

From there, they talk about their own experiences during the lockdown - as friends and band colleagues, who live in different parts of the US -, about how music can help deal with the current situation and what kind of songs will come out of this.

From medieval sounds to Joy Division.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Ben did not only the editing of this episode, but produced most of the music you'll hear. He is founder of the label Blight Records:

Listen to Tadzio and find all their albums here:

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