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Sendung vom 03.07.2020 18:00:

Impressions from lockdown UK

Reflections on life in the UK during the coronavirus crisis (partly in German, partly in English)

What has life been like in London during Covid-19? Phoning in from the UK Radio UFF correspondent Barbara R. shares her thoughts. Marietta S. will be providing technical support in the Vienna studio. Cheers!
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London City Voices
You’ve got a friend (by Carol King) in aid of Women’s Aid, UK. Please feel free to donate to this feminist grassroots organisation. Thank you.

Women’s Aid The lockdown
Credits: ENGINE/Knucklehead productions and Women’s Aid

Women’s Aid

Women’s Budget Group: Migrant Women and the Economy Report launch

Sparrow by Emeli Sandé

Ola Ronke – Free Black Feminist Library

Read all about it by Emeli Sandé

Emeli Sandé

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Feminist Library

History Acts 23 Black History Matters