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radia # 803: CROWN & Die zweite Hälfte

for Radio Papesse + Usmaradio

It has been many months now that we’ve all been asking ourselves : how’s life in the time of viruses? The answers have been constantly changing and probably still will.

During the long months of lockdown in Italy, Radio Papesse joined forces with the artists and producers at USMARADIO and became an amplifier for the CROWN project. Like many others, fighting the lockdown through radio.

So… what’s happened exactly?
For 30 days, every day, artists from all over the world came together for a live improvised session of radio, music, words and sound experiments together with Roberto Paci Dalò.

To play together from different locations, yet united through radio.
To listen together, from different locations, thanks to the medium of radio.

This RADIA show presents bits and pieces from some of the CROWN sessions, sewn together by fragments of a long conversation with Roberto Paci Dalò.


Included in this show are excerpts from:

CROWN n.11 _ Johann Merrich / L’Impero della Luce
CROWN n.30 _ with Lello Voce
CROWN n.22 _ with Paolo Dellapiana
CROWN n.23 _ with Zahra Mani



SHOW DE TOILETTE (Trümmerfrau)

Nachdem die Show de Toilette-Redaktion eine Flut an Zuschriften erreicht hat, in denen sich über das steigende Niveau der letzten Sendung echauffiert wurde, haben die beiden Sendungsverantwortlichen Manuel und Peter unverzüglich ihre Psychopharmaka abgesetzt, die Manuskripte geschreddert und in ihrem Entzugswahn ein paar neue Musiknummern fabriziert.

Von und mit Manuel Waldner und Peter Wetzelsberger.
Musik: Rocky Terrain, Luciano Holmanova, Drogenkind Berlin.