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Sendung vom 11.06.2020 15:00:

Radio PANdemIK

by Radio Panik

Go home!

Stay home!

Covid 19, Wednesday 18th March 2020

Brussels is confined

Like half of humanity

Our microphones censored?

Radio silence?


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°°°°°°°°DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE°°°°°°°°°°
playground : art games by Miss Gunst

join us on the playground and enjoy...

miss gunst wants to thank the following artists and sound creators for creating wonderful pieces and sharing them on freesound:
lonemonk, shades, freesound, dobroide, cognito perceptu, freqman, jaava73, onive and fieldmuzick
as well as freesound for being such a great resource for sound workers.

find more info on the show at www.gunst.info/radiator