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Sendung vom 23.04.2020 15:00:

Langue de paysage

by Izabela Matos & Anne Laure Lejosne (JET FM)

"No one knows what it means to be born and live on the edge between two worlds, to know and understand one and the other,
not being able to do anything that they explain one another and to get them closer, to love and hate one and other, to hesitate and lead the entire century, to be in two but without a single homeland, to be everywhere at home and remain forever a foreigner; shortly:to live crucified, but as a victim and torturer at the same time. »
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Eine Wiederholung der Sendung über Zufall des Wiener Radia Kollektivs.
Zufall, zufällig, Zufallsgenerator, zufallen, to fall, accidens, accidere – from latin: ad ‘to’ and cadere ‘to fall’ – in german a calque, in english taken directly from the latin word and therefore accidentially.
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