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Close-Shaved Sardine

by Ed Baxter

Close-Shaved Sardine by Ed Baxter (Resonance FM).
It took a year or more to think of a sequel to The Exeter Whisper (2018), a radio work realised with 400 primary school children in which a short text decayed and revivified under pressure of being passed along individually and being misheard and reinterpreted. This time I searched for a transparent and static text as a point of departure. I settled on the phrase “God Save The Queen” for five reasons. First, it is something one never actually says; secondly, it is something one never actually thinks; thirdly, everyone in the UK knows precisely what it means and carries a civic weight; fourthly, it is essentially meaningless, especially perhaps to a republican atheist such as myself; and finally, it is a phrase which will become extinct when the present Queen dies, as she shortly will.
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°°°°°°°°°DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE°°°°°°°°°°°°°°
We rerun the show Kevlar from Francesco Giomi, which was sent originally end of January 2020.
Kevlar is not a composition but a process of “polarized” total improvisation, a sound performance where the model of kevlar allows a series of synthetic fibres and pulsations to born: a regular alternation between continuous distended textures and unrelenting rhythms. Kevlar has a structure that is constantly moving and iridescent, also thanks to the use of an analog radio device without presets.
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