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(2016/reworked for Radia 2020)

Zugunruhe was originally conceived as an installation, a piece where the audience lies together on a large mattress and watches 27 stuffed birds fly in a large circle above their heads. A fiction soundcollage dealing with being lost, new horizons, too much clouds, magicians and birds on cruise control. For this reworked version, it is introduced by a nightly fieldrecording in Brussels. A single bird is singing, calling out into the night, confused and at the same time encouraged by street lights and city noises.
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°°°°°°°DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE°°°°°°°°

Wiederholung der Sendung Silence to Language by Natacha Orestes
Natacha Orestes aka #ProjetoHisteria is a lesbian mother artist who mixes her communication skills as a copywriter/creative planner/social media analyst and also her self-taught DJ abilities with the purpose of creating global awareness to the resistance of females in Latin America through art and technologies.

Her goals as a Brazilian activist is to withdraw a law (12.318/2010) based on Gardner's pedophile theories and to abolish child marriage in Brazil.

In Brazil, official data clearly shows that the most dangerous place for a child is their home. More than 50% of reported rapes are against children, 80% of these children are abused in their houses and 50% by fathers/fathers in law. The other 50% are raped by other male family members.

Produced by Meira Asher (radioart106) for radio.fm