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radia #773: Silence to Language & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by Natacha Orestes for radioart106

Natacha Orestes aka #ProjetoHisteria is a lesbian mother artist who mixes her communication skills as a copywriter/creative planner/social media analyst and also her self-taught DJ abilities with the purpose of creating global awareness to the resistance of females in Latin America through art and technologies.

Her goals as a Brazilian activist is to withdraw a law (12.318/2010) based on Gardner's pedophile theories and to abolish child marriage in Brazil.

In Brazil, official data clearly shows that the most dangerous place for a child is their home. More than 50% of reported rapes are against children, 80% of these children are abused in their houses and 50% by fathers/fathers in law. The other 50% are raped by other male family members.

Produced by Meira Asher (radioart106) for radia.fm



Das Album ~~~ by ana roxanne.



1. Immortality 04:04
2. Slowness 04:20
3. It's a Rainy Day On The Cosmic Shore 05:20
4. Nocturne 05:36
5. I'm Every Sparkly Woman 02:23
6. In a Small Valley 05:24