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radia #771: LATITUDE und IN DER ZWEITEN HÄLFTE radia#504

two shows by reboot.fm, Berlin

radia# 771


Composed, played, arranged and produced by Satch Hoyt.
for reboot.fm for the radia.fm network.

Satch Hoyt is a visual artist and musician living in Berlin.
His projects are related to the transnational African diaspora and revolve around the cultural and political role of sonicity.
By combining music, art and historical narrative, he has developed a complex of works that explore what he calls the “migration of the eternal African sonic signifier.”

He began his research for Afro-Sonic Mapping in 2016 and documents them on the blog of the same name: www.afrosonicmapping.com


Datscharadio Audiokomposter

by Pit Schulz,Gabi Schaffer

From a 100 days broadcast on the Landesgartenschau Gießen, datscharadio brought back an archive with audiofiles in a state of digital decomposition. the show takes three different depositories of audio material and traverses them to present an impossible algorithmic summary, a auto-montage of an already diverse ethnopoetic collection of todays garden cultures in an average mid size town in Germany. By Pit Schultz (with Gabi Schaffner) for reboot.fm