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Adivasi Women fighting for their Livelihood

Listening to this episode of Women on Air you will travel to north-eastern India, the land of the Adivasi. You'll hear about the Adivasi's struggle for self-determination, about women on the frontline protesting against mining companies taking indigenous land and women healers educated by the NGO BIRSA.
Ajitha George is the secretary general of BIRSA, the Bindrai Institute for Research, Study and Action. She visited Vienna in February and gave an interview to Natalie Plhak. BIRSA is a project partner of Catholics Women Movement (kfb). The Corona Virus hit the Family Fastday Campaign of kfb on half its way. If you are in the position to support, please find more information here:
Music: All pieces are from the disc "Transalpin" by the Austrian Band "Alma". According to their self-description they have fitted out traditional folk music in some groovy modern clothes.
Tschum Tschum
Bachkein hell
Mai Maadeele, Mai Tschuurale
Tam Tam
Producer: Natalie Phlak
Fotocredit: Eva Wallensteiner