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radia #763: not speaking/thinking & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by Edie Reaney for CFRC

Edie Reaney Chunn is an emerging playwright and performer based in Halifax who loves to work collaboratively and inefficiently. She is a graduate of the University of King’s College with a combined honours degree in English and Contemporary Studies. Recent projects include serving as playwright for the New Pants Project’s August 2019 production of How the Light Lies (On You); as musical performer/composer for Steady Theatre Co.’s production of Macbeth (2019); and as co-stage director for the Halifax Summer Opera Festival’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2018). Edie is also part of Eastern Front Theatre’s RBC Emerging Playwright’s Program (2019-2020), so maybe she will write a play again.

The two pieces included in CFRC’s submission are “She Sits in Her Big Tree”, a piece that was originally used for a puppet show (and is based on the Brother’s Grimm story “The Six Swans”), and a collection of shorter poems. These poems (when read written down) are mostly about the relationship between sound and print, and finding the fun, funny, occasionally annoying space where the aural and the visible meet. I don’t know what they’re about when read out loud, and you lose the printed aspect — the best I can say is that they still approach language playfully, lightly, and with care.


Staffelfinale im Haus der Gebrüder W. Repetition statt Reputation, Lauschangriffe, alte Scheiße, neue Detektivgeschichte und schamlose Werbung für Produkte die's garnicht gibt. Noch 28 Minuten, dann ist der Spuk endlich vorbei!

Mit Manuel Waldner und Peter Wetzelsberger. Mit den Gästen Hammer Max und Florian Lauschmann an der Gitarre, und dem Hansen-Matthias am Mikrophon.