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Ma‘am, There Is No Such Thing In Reality

By Nina Dragičević (Radio Student)

Operetta for madams, violin and electronica by Nina Dragičević.

Nina Dragičević‘s composition “Ma‘am, there is no such thing in reality” opens up with a question. A question, or questioning, a doubt, this constitutive moment, this constitutive act of the enlightened subject, was in modern age marked with a genera-tion of new insights, with the search of new knowl-edge, with widening of intellectual cognition, with thinking. But the intonation of the introductory question – “No, I mean, do you understand me?” – uttered by one of the speakers from Nina‘s com-position, does not presuppose new knowledge, new cognition. Her question does not presuppose doubt; on the contrary, it presents the incantation of dogma, it presents non-thinking, it confirms the axiom, it strives to confirm the axiom, personal belief, in short, the ideologeme. The question does no longer express a questioning. It is no longer a search for new, but a persistent perpetuation and confirmation of stasis.

In this urban operetta, as Nina Dragičević marks her composition, many voices speak and “sing”. Here they are, here we are, contemporaries, sunk in mortgages, hungry, in constant deprivation, and here is theirs, ours, sonority.

That is how capitalism sounds like.

Extracts from the text accompanying the album written by Nataša Velikonja.

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