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radia # 735 und DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE mit radia # 004

zwei Shows von Radio Campus

radia # 735
by Julie Rousse

"Some sonic thoughts on the link between the Earth and the Universe.

From radio to RADIA : creating for the RADIA network a composed play of electromagnetic signals.

With field recordings and electromagnetic reception recordings from around the world, here is a sonic drift about us, the earth and the universe, without much intention for narrative structure. I want to talk about the very little time we have left to make earth a better and peaceful world ; how fragile and wounded nature is, although still offering us pure moments of bliss ; waves link us together with everything. In the end, we are one with the world, time has no meaning, nothing comes first. All in all is all in one."

Eine Wiederholung einer der ersten Sendungen im radia-Netzwerk von der vielseitigen Wendy Van Wynsberghe
radia # 004:
Cuisine Interne Keuken by Wendy Van Wynsberghe

This radio show is content-wise made with the material of Cuisine Interne Keuken, a project in which we (Constant vzw)
ask precarious/cultural workers how they make a living. This project
started because we were curious how other people – mostly without a
fixed income – lived and if they have a certain strategy… So we started
interviewing all the people, mostly artists, that we encountered. A
better explantion can be found here.

For this we made a questionnaire, with 17 questions. It even evolved into a physical installation – but that is another story…

In the month of october of last year Constant was invited to City of
Women, a festival in Ljubjana, to work on Cuisine Interne Keuken and to
interview people around and about the festival. Most voices that you
hear in Ran Radia 04 come from these recordings (savour the accents!).

For the “musicalization” I used field recordings (for example a
supermarket in Ljubljana) and I played with bits and bobs of the
interviews (laughter, certain words…) or new recordings (there is one
moment I play with money! ha!).

In the beginning I “let” people introduce themselves, their names,
then ages, and from then on it is more about their situation. In the
middle of Radia 4, people start describing their workspace, which they drew.
The linking sound of these bits of interview are actually the hums in
my working space, especially for this project (I worked in the cellar,
with the servers and de-humidifiers humming their songs -I got used to
them! And with the street and ventilator working at my right ear…)

Anway, there is something I shouldn’t forget to mention, I have also used some sounds of the Freesound Project, a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.