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How does Bosch sound? (radia #730 by Radio Helsinki) & ZWEITE HÄLFTE

A sound-text project by Kinga Toth.

2015 I had the opportunity to visit Bosch researching field the first time and the amazing Platform12. This is a new planet, a freer place for creation under strickt circumstances of a huge factory as Bosch. My idea was to connect this organism through the first layer, the skin: the text. To research all the written communication and the unique Bosch-language with codes, secrets and word-creations. I was also very curious about how this organism functions, how we receive the language, so to sum up: HOD DOES BOSCH SOUND? During my stay I sat on a bagger, watched a controled a mower,  and amazing robots and machines, and tried to communicate them, collect their sounds and compose with them - using their and also mine secret language. In my understanding text also has a body (it is a body itself), so I worked also with the shapes and important lines, contours as part of this language. 
The result came in a book by Parasitenpresse with the titel "Wir bauen eine Stadt" in graphics, poems, sounds and also performances with Normal Gergely sound and visual artist and also in this text-sound-composition with poems, codes the sounds of Bosch-machines and my reactions to it. After Jena and Stuttgart 20. and 28. March 2019  I'm going to present the project in Graz, in the off-gallery Griesgasse 31.



The art collective Bureau du Grand Mot presents a live recording of their transmedial Performance "unison : feld" from October 26, 2013 in the Großer Minoritensaal, Graz.

Concept and Text: Marko Dinić
Sound art: Wolfwetz
Contemporary Dance: Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir & Eyal Bromberg
Guest: Leonhard Pill
Recording: Sebastian Erlach
Mastering: Michael Wacht

Contains exclusive Field recordings from the birthhouse of Christian Doppler (1803–1853) in Salzburg, Austria.
As well as quotes by Michel Foucault and samples from the BBC Sound Effects Library (Royalty free).

Special thanks to the curator Christian Winkler and the whole team of the hoergeREDE / ELEVATE Festival, Graz.