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radia #725: Call & Answer & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by Connor Walsh for Radio Campus Bruxelles

To fly between the North Atlantic and the South Atlantic, is normal for grey wings, be they of aluminium or feathers. The grey feathered wings swim, too, with easy; the aluminium ones try to be like home but never quite can. And to hear them, in sound or radio, we need points on land among the vast ocean; the Azores announces itself as ‘Santa Maria Radio’, which the North Atlantic is termed ‘Shanwick’ or ‘Gander’.
And in pure communicative sound, we landlubbers can need to set foot on the 3 square km island of Skomer; and we need to wait until night falls, before the Manx Shearwaters… before they…

Like passengers in a plane, some shearwaters too are locked away—inside the earth.

Radio Artist : Connor Walsh
for Radio Campus Brussels, with guidance from Carine Demange.

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