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radia #711: Almanack of Breath & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by Ash Kilmartin for Worm/Klangendum

Recounting the life of the punitive, eavesdropping Tutivillus, a medieval character also known as the Recording Demon, ‘The Almanack of Breath’ proposes another character: a nameless, invisible and inaudible allegorical figure of Listening. This creature promotes an ethics of listening by collecting and donating different forms of breath to those who need it. Month by month, each of the twelve ‘Seasons of Breath’ details the type of breath – a gasp, or yawn or a sigh – that the listener should take care to hear.

‘The Almanack of Breath’ is based on a book published by Other Versions (2018), written by Ash Kilmartin with drawings by Collette Rayner. This audio version was made in the WORM studio, starring little bits of Arp Odyssey, Arturia Minibrute, an old Yamaha PortaSound and some field recordings.

Ash Kilmartin is an artist from New Zealand who lives in Rotterdam.

Thanks to:

Lukas Simonas
Bergur Thomas Anderson

produced by Worm/Dr Klangendum



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