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radia #684 Le non-lieu du rêve by Philippe Petit & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

zwei Sendungen von Radio Panik, Brüssel

RADIA # 684
Le non-lieu du rêve by Philippe Petit

In this “no-space of dreams” the listener is at a crossroads of shared, multiple dreams; an interchangeable space to make his or her own and relax into…
A combination of field recordings, varied and prepared movements by Philippe Petit on his instrumentarium, fingernail rubbings by Chantal Rouet, and an inverted poem spoken by Julie Lagier.

Le non-lieu du rêve se voudrait être un carrefour de rêves multiples, de relations entre les songes, espace interchangeable que s’appropriera l’auditeur/trice pour se laisser-aller… Combinaison de field-recordings, de mouvements divers ou préparés de Philippe Petit sur son instrumentarium, de frottements d’ongles par Chantal Rouet, et d’une poésie inversée-dite par Julie Lagier…

Image/paintings by Eugénie Petit–Ginoux

RADIA#197: quand le LA n’est pas là by DJP
It’s been made by DJP, an inventor of several new electro-acoustical instruments and devices.
The piece is a kind of pseudo scientific conference about Fmajor, a
surrealistic, pata-conference. The talking part is in french, but anyone can get his point very quickly.
How occidental music could have been much different if it was not for this Fmajor obsession.
Une bonne écoute