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radia #228 und DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

show #228 by radio x & show #231 by radio one


relational (audio (rv av rv))
by achim lengerer
in cooperation with dani gal and william furlong

in the early 1970ies the british artist william furlong started to map the terrain of contemporary art by collecting acoustic data. his recordings and interviews became the medium of his artistic practice and the basis of a life long research.
for their project ìrelational viewî achim lengerer and dani gal visited william furlong in his archive of sounds and voices. later the recordings of this visit were transformed into an audio space.

relational (audio (rv av rv)) is based on the audio part of the audio-visual installation "relational view", presented by lengerer and gal at smart poject space in amsterdam in 2007.
in spring 2009, during a studio grant at frankfurter kunstverein, achim lengerer was invited by GUNSTradio. according to the idea to further explore lengerers relations to audio arts, drawing upon william furlong and his "audio arts" project went along with re-visiting, re-playing and discussing larger parts of the "relational View" audio. becoming a central part of a radio programme seemed almost natural for the piece. thus decision was made to further develop this perspective and to create a radio programme in its own right for radia.

the title of the show draws back to this development, pointing out the conceptual layers of an audio space itself containing other spaces and perspectives - audio-visual, imaginary and real.

relational (audio (rv av rv))
by achim lengerer
in cooperation with dani gal and william furlong
production: miss.gunst / GUNST + radiator x
date: august 2009
station: radio x, frankfurt am main (germany)
length: 28 min.
www.radiox.de - www.gunst.info

additional info:
includes radia jingles (in/out), station and program info/intro/outro (english)
please note:
this piece has artistic copyrights on it.
therefore its not possible to publish this show under a free licence and/or as a downloadable podcast online.
thank you for your kind understanding.


"Lines of Flight - A Sonic Community"

This, the inaugural contribution to the Radia Network from Radio One (Dunedin, New Zealand), offers an impressionistic account of the biannual, and somewhat secretive, experimental music and film festival "Lines of Flight". Running in Dunedin since 2000, "Lines of Flight" has provided New Zealand improvisational and experimental musicians with an intensive platform for performance and interaction and has organically evolved a space for a much stronger formation of a sound practioners' community. Although the improv./experimental scene from which the festival grew - recall the musicians associated with the labels Metonymic and Corpus Hermeticum in the 1990s - has changed considerably since the festival's beginnings, Lines of Flight has become a kind of default constant, a fluid forum, a relatively regular 'symposium' for many in that evolving scene.

Radio producers Sally-Ann McIntyre (a.k.a. 'Radio Cegeste') and Gilbert May took the opportunity which the 2009 Lines of Flight festival offered to interview a number of the organisers and performers (particularly those who have had a long standing relation to the festival) to obtain their reflections on the history and significance of the biannual event. Combined with an equally partial selection of music, a limited and impressionistic editing process provides a far from comprehensive, yet nevertheless enlightening, introduction not just to the "Lines of Flight" festival, but to a part of a wider New Zealand scene.

[Featuring: Peter Stapleton, Kim Pieters, Peter Porteus, , Bruce Russell, Matt Middleton, Dean Roberts, Rachel Shearer as well as samples from Sleep, Flies Inside the Sun, Birchville Cat Motel, Handful of Dust, Crude, Eye, Rotor Plus, Tillakaratne and Adrian Hall's Red Carpet. Many thanks to all involved....]