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radia #670: Turvalíngua & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by Nuno Pinto & Paulo Raposo for RadioZero

Departing from the reading and performing experience of PO-EX, an ongoing archive of portuguese experimental poetry, this piece explores the mouth and tongue organs as sound tool to engage in an unstable balance between pre-verbal forms and collapsing discursive fragments which bring forward the interstices of language, all with a somehow black humour approach. Portuguese spoken only.

Nuno Marques Pinto is a multidisciplinary artist. He works on theatre, performance and painting, combining these tools to build a singular voice. His work shares a reflection on language and sound and aims to question or highlight the mecanisms of control in contemporany speech.

Paulo Raposo

Nuno Pinto: Voice.
Paulo Raposo: other sounds
Voice recording and editing by Pedro Centeno (parva edições independentes)
Produced and zemixed for Radia.fm by Paulo Raposo



ein RADIO ZERO Double-Feature:

radia #221: Handle with love

This Handle With Love piece for Radia completes an exhibition and sound performance presented in March of this year in a Gallery in Porto.

A radio piece by Manuela São Simão, Joana Mateus and José Alberto Gomes
using some sounds by Pedro Lopes.